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Salesforce: Insider Sales, Analyst Ratings, and Institutional Moves Unveiled

Published by MEXEM EUROPE

September 15, 2023 3:28 PM

Salesforce (NYSE:CRM), a global leader in cloud-based software services, has recently been the subject of intense market scrutiny. From insider sales to mixed analyst ratings and significant institutional moves, the company's stock offers a complex investment landscape.

Insider Sales and Corporate Sentiment

Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce, recently sold 15,000 shares, adding to a total of 1,373,825 shares sold over the past year. Additionally, other insiders like Parker Harris and Brian Millham have also offloaded shares. Despite these sales, Salesforce's stock remains robust, trading at $219.71 with a market cap of $212.87 billion. 

Analyst Ratings: A Complex Picture

RBC Capital maintains a Buy rating on Salesforce with a price target of $240.00. Other brokerages have issued varying ratings, from "market perform" to "strong buy," with an average target price of $239.86. The company's stock opened at $218.78, and its 50-day simple moving average is $217.97. 

Institutional Moves

DNB Asset Management AS reduced its stake in Salesforce by 28.9% in the second quarter, making Salesforce its 8th largest position. Other institutional investors have also adjusted their stakes, with 77.52% of the stock currently owned by institutional investors. 


Salesforce remains a complex investment opportunity, with insider sales, mixed analyst ratings, and significant institutional moves shaping its market dynamics. Despite the CEO's share sales and varying analyst opinions, the company's strong financial standing and market cap make it a stock to watch closely for potential investors.

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