Whether you're a seasoned professional trader, an active day trader, or a long-term investor, the professional trading tools available through the Traders Workstation (TWS) at MEXEM can significantly enhance your trading experience. These tools provide a broad spectrum of powerful trading modules tailored to various trading styles.

Make use of our sophisticated tools for in-depth chart analysis, effective risk limitation strategies, and for optimizing your trade executions. Our suite of trading tools aims to expand your trading options and capabilities. With the professional trading modules at MEXEM, you'll find the perfect tool for every trading requirement, whether it's analyzing market trends, managing risk, or executing trades with precision. Experience a new level of trading with the comprehensive solutions we offer.

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Trade directly from the order book, which includes a detailed view of market depth. This feature is ideal for swift trading in stocks and futures, particularly for those engaged in day trading. The trading module provides a comprehensive overview, offering real-time insight and transparency into the market. It enables traders to make more informed decisions quickly, a crucial aspect for those looking to take advantage of short-term market movements.

  • The quotation manager displays tradable buy and sell quotes, providing a snapshot of market opportunities.
  • Single-click order entry facilitates limit, stop, and bracket orders, enhancing efficiency.
  • Create and personalize hotkeys for various order types for swift trading.
  • Independent window settings enable flexible arrangement, suiting individual preferences.
  • Preset order standards for specific securities streamline trading, improving control.
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The Risk NavigatorSM is a real-time market risk management platform, offering a thorough evaluation of potential risk across various global asset classes.

With its clear tabular work surface, you can effortlessly pinpoint the risks to which you are exposed, beginning at the portfolio level, and then explore increasingly detailed analyses through multiple report views.

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Evaluate your portfolio risk with specific considerations, such as risk by position, underlying assets, and industry to enhance risk management.

Real-Time Capital Allocation Monitoring

View how capital allocations are made, tracking changes on a daily or even minute-by-minute basis to stay aligned with financial goals.

Customized Risk Scenarios

Create complex, personalized scenarios by modifying price, date, and volatility variables to understand how different factors affect your risk profile.

Hypothetical Portfolio Creation

Develop a customizable "what-if" portfolio based on your current holdings to visualize how alterations to your portfolio would impact your risk.

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The OptionTrader is designed for driven traders, allowing them to oversee, analyze, manage, and execute options trades all within a single window. With OptionTrader, you can access market data on underlying assets, create and manage various option orders (including combination orders), and obtain a detailed view of all available option chains.

Quick and Customizable Order Entry

Enjoy quick order entry via click, with a customizable format and color-coded values for instant recognition of vital information.

Comprehensive Option Management

Manage all your option orders in a single window, including the display of implied volatility and opened contracts (Open Interest).

Integrated Trading Tools Access

Access other integrated option tools of the Trader Workstation with a single click, streamlining your trading workflow.

Risk and Value Analysis

View risk sensitivity key figures (Greeks), calculate the fair value of option contracts, and gain insights to make informed decisions.

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Unlock Advanced

Comprehensive Management, Quick Access, and Insightful Analysis All in One Place


The BasketTrader (also known as Basket Order) feature in Trader Workstation TWS allows traders and investors to manage collections (referred to as "baskets") of securities. It facilitates the automatic creation and maintenance of custom index baskets. Users can either create a table of tickers for import into the trading software or add tickers directly, providing a streamlined way to handle multiple securities simultaneously.

  • Manage and create custom index baskets of securities in TWS.
  • Automatically maintain baskets for streamlined, efficient trading.
  • Import or directly add tickers for handling multiple securities.
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The ScaleTrader is an adaptable, automated trading algorithm that enables you to execute a substantial trading position without being influenced by sharp price fluctuations. It allows for consistent trading at a specific price level, mitigating the impact of extreme price rises or falls.

Automated Profit Taking

Utilize automatic profit taking, enabling timely gains while trading with the ScaleTrader algorithm's intelligent design.

Customizable Trading Interface

Benefit from a fully customizable interface, tailored to your trading preferences, for an optimized and user-friendly experience.

Advanced Trading Combinations

Trade pairs and combinations efficiently, leveraging the ScaleTrader's flexibility to enhance your trading strategies.

Price Protection and Liquidity Benefits

Enjoy price protection through automated staggering of large volume orders, along with the opportunity to benefit from liquidity discounts.

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The TWS Integrated Stock Window (ISW) serves as a unified one-symbol window that offers an all-inclusive view of market data and charts, facilitating order entry with just a single mouse click. In the ISW, the quote panel showcases market data for the chosen symbol, and by default, utilizes a single-line view to present all TWS ticker lines. This efficient design streamlines the trading process by consolidating essential information in one convenient location.

Automatic Order Specifications

Easily program automatic order specifications, enabling streamlined and precise trading setups within the TWS Integrated Stock Window.

Fully Automatic Execution

Benefit from fully automatic execution within the ISW, ensuring timely trades and an efficient, hands-free trading experience.

Comprehensive Market Data and Graphics

Access comprehensive market data and graphics in one place, providing a clear and detailed view of the trading landscape

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Empower Your

Empower Your Trading with Automation, Precision, and Clarity


ChartTrader provides a versatile platform for in-depth technical analysis of stocks and other securities. Users can draw trendlines, utilize hundreds of indicators, and select from various chart types to suit their analysis needs. Additionally, the tool allows customization of the time period, and the display of information such as traded volume, daily lows and highs of the considered security, and even the adjustment of chart colors.

Serving as the optimal analysis tool, ChartTrader is designed to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, equipped with many practical functions that make it an indispensable asset for traders seeking clarity and ease of use in their analytical pursuits.

  • Display buy and sell prices for multiple securities in a clear chart.
  • Utilize advanced technical analysis features for in-depth insights.
  • Engage with graphical chart indicators for visual comprehension.
  • Configure personalized alerts to monitor significant market changes.
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It represents the probability distribution of call and put orders in the options market, calculated using prevailing option prices. It graphs the implied probabilities of share prices, taking into account interest and dividends, and adjusting for market tendencies and individual perceptions. The curve's behavior, the effect of changes in bid and ask prices, and the relationship between market consensus and personal evaluations are integral aspects. The tool provided allows users to visually display their personal evaluations and execute transactions accordingly.

Market Consensus vs. Personal Evaluation

Enables users to compare market's probability belief with their forecast; displays in blue and red for clear differentiation.

Transaction Execution based on Assessments

Tool allows transactions to be executed based on personal evaluations; reveals expected profit or loss of zero under market PB.

Awareness and Skill Training

Emphasizes awareness of the market's probability belief's accuracy and provides an opportunity to train personal skills using the tool.

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