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Navigate your tax journey with ease by accessing current and historical tax forms through our Portal.

PortfolioAnalyst® streamlines portfolio management, offering multi-custody solutions, advanced reporting, global support, risk metrics, and powerful analytics. Ideal for both novices and expert traders - elevate your portfolio by adding accounts today.

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tax info &

Our Portal provides access to current and historical tax forms along with resources for comprehensive tax guidance.

Access both current and historical tax forms through our Portal. Our website offers resources to help determine your tax residency, a concise summary of crucial reports and tax dates for the current year, in-depth tax information for individuals and entities, a frequently asked questions section, and other useful information.

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Analyze Your

Redefining Excellence with Cutting-Edge Portfolio Management Software and Superior Account Aggregation Solutions

Activity Reports

Gain seamless access to our custom-made activity reports in an array of formats, readily available on-demand. These reports are meticulously designed to provide you with comprehensive tracking capabilities, allowing you to scrutinize your activities on a daily, monthly, yearly basis or over a defined date range, ensuring maximum control and insight into your operations.


Both standard and personalized statements are accessible directly online or can be downloaded as PDFs for easy offline viewing.

Flex Query

Create custom report templates with Flex queries, and export results in text or XML formats for detailed analysis.

Quarterly Summary

Our Quarterly Summary offers a simplified, comprehensive review of quarterly activities for Advisors and their clients.

Model Summary

With Model Summary, efficiently manage multiple trading strategies by viewing activity and performance of your models.

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Trade Reports

Keep a finger on the pulse of your trading operations with our Trade Reports. These allow you to meticulously track your trading activities, inclusive of critical intraday trade confirmations. Furthermore, you can create bespoke reporting templates tailored to your specific needs, enabling a thorough and detailed monitoring of trade intricacies. Our trade reports ensure you remain in control, equipped with all the detailed information you need to make strategic and informed decisions.


During regular business hours, assess  trade confirmations segmented by various asset types.

Flex Query

Deploy personalized report templates for trade confirmation insights, exporting data in text or XML formats.

Allocation Report

For master account users: review pre and post-trade allocation details for non-IBKR clearing clients.

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Risk Reports

Take command of risk management and anticipate portfolio performance with our comprehensive risk reports. Use our Margin, Value at Risk, and Stress Test reports to provide a detailed risk landscape, thereby driving informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Analyze your margin portfolio's potential returns, factoring in market shifts over a set time frame.

Flex Query

Assess potential financial setbacks for a portfolio within a predetermined time horizon.

Quarterly Summary

Forecast alterations in your portfolio's value and P&L, based on fluctuations in the price of the underlying asset.

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Reports for
Financial Advisors

Benefit from our comprehensive range of reports, designed to efficiently manage your business and client relationships.

Efficiently navigate your advisory business with our comprehensive reporting tools tailored for financial advisors. At MEXEM, we provide an annual fee cap report, P&L Markup Summary, a snapshot of client balances and performance, and detailed fee invoices. Each report is designed to ensure you can effectively monitor your client's performance, calculate your fees, and manage billing, thus empowering you to focus more on advising your clients and less on paperwork.

Fee Cap

With MEXEM's annual fee cap for advisors, use our report to monitor the fee cap available for each client.

P&L Markup Summary

Compile client profits and losses (P&L) to calculate your performance fees for quarters and years.

Client Summary

Examine a one-day snapshot of your client balances and performance for immediate insights.

Fee Invoices

Survey fee invoices for specified clients and periods for better financial management.

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Reports for
Compliance Officers

Streamline Your Compliance Journey with MEXEM - Aiding Businesses in Meeting Regulatory Standards.

Building confidence through transparency, our dedicated MEXEM Compliance team provides comprehensive reporting solutions designed to keep your business operations fully compliant with all applicable regulations. We strive to support you in navigating the complex landscape of regulatory compliance, making it easier for you to focus on your core business goals.

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Prop Traders &
Hedge Funds

Experience the exceptional advantage of MEXEM's Order Management System (OMS)

MEXEM's OMS offers unparalleled benefits for institutions seeking top-tier order management systems. OMS users gain access to a wide range of reports and files, delivered daily, ensuring your back office and operational teams have the essential information for optimal functioning.

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Explore additional features of our reporting system, designed to provide you with enhanced control over your financial information. From customizable download formats and consolidated reports, to white branding options and seamless third-party software integration, our platform caters to your unique needs.

Flexible Download

Download statements in a range of formats - text, PDF, CSV, or HTML, compatible with third-party tools like Quicken, Tradelog, or CapTools.

Consolidated and Concatenated Reports

Combine data from multiple accounts into a single statement, or join full statements from selected accounts into one comprehensive report.


White brand your statements, reports, and other materials, including performance reports crafted by PortfolioAnalyst, to align with your organization's identity.

Reporting Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate with various third-party portfolio management software providers for enhanced portfolio analysis and management.


Leverage our efficient batch processing system for handling large reports, with notifications once processing commences. FTP delivery is available for substantial statement files.


Efficiently manage tax implications by adjusting tax lot-matching methods on the go using our Tax Optimizer.

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