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Netflix's Paid Sharing Unlocks New Revenue Streams and Revitalizes Subscriber Growth

Published by MEXEM EUROPE

September 18, 2023 4:12 PM

As Netflix {{ m-tag option="price" ticker="NFLX" currency="USD" }} faces increased volatility due to slowing subscriber growth and stiffening competition, the company is harnessing the untapped potential of its user base through an innovative paid-sharing strategy. Notably, this monetization technique has already demonstrated its efficacy, contributing to a significant uptick in subscriptions and setting the stage for exponential revenue growth.

A Pivot from Volatility to Monetization:

Netflix has experienced fluctuations in its stock price amid challenges from emerging competitors and a stagnant subscriber count. However, the company is agilely navigating these complexities by diversifying revenue streams through advertising and a groundbreaking paid-sharing initiative.

Paid Sharing: A New Frontier in Subscription Growth

After initial tests in select Latin American countries, Netflix expanded its paid sharing feature to over 100 countries, accounting for over 80% of its global revenue. The move yielded an extraordinary 5.9 million new subscribers in Q2 alone. With plans to introduce this feature in the remaining markets, the company projects accelerated revenue growth for the latter half of the year.

100 Million Potential Subscribers:

In a recent Bank of America-hosted investor conference, Netflix CFO Spence Neumann shed light on the company's vast untapped market: over 100 million potential subscribers who could be converted through paid sharing. Even by capturing a modest fraction of these viewers, Netflix stands to gain significantly; for instance, adding 10 million new members at $7.99 a month would yield an additional $960 million in pure profit.

Leveraging Existing Content: A Strategic Goldmine

By converting freeloading viewers into paid subscribers, Netflix can substantially elevate its bottom line without incurring additional content costs. The impact is magnified when considered in the context of the company's existing 240 million paid members worldwide.

Netflix's robust international presence, coupled with a diverse array of local-language content, positions it uniquely to benefit from global streaming growth. While the operating margin remains steady at 18-20%, CFO Neumann suggests this figure could surge as content spending stabilizes.

Future Outlook: Beyond Mere Subscriptions

Beyond paid sharing, Netflix is also dabbling in advertising, which CFO Neumann described as in the "crawl" stage of development. As this matures, it could be another lucrative vertical, given Netflix's massive viewer base and targeted ad capabilities.

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