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Moderna's Momentum: A Surge Fueled by Innovation

Published by MEXEM EUROPE

April 10, 2024 1:43 PM

Moderna Inc. {{ m-tag option="price" ticker="MRNA" currency="USD" }} experienced a significant 8.30% surge in its stock price on April 9th, since 3 of April. This surge was driven by positive news surrounding its cancer vaccine pipeline. The company announced promising results from an early-stage trial for a personalized cancer vaccine targeting head and neck carcinoma.  Early indications suggest the treatment could be effective against various cancers, boosting investor confidence. Analysts at Jefferies reiterated their "Buy" rating with a $125 price target on Moderna stock.


Strategic Shift and Continued Revenue Generation


While demand for Moderna's primary product, the COVID-19 vaccine, has waned, the company has successfully adapted. They strategically reduced COVID-19 vaccine production while increasing market share in the US, turning a profit last quarter. Moderna forecasts its respiratory franchise, including the upcoming RSV vaccine, to generate $4 billion in revenue for 2024.


Mixed Analyst Sentiment, Promising Pipeline


Analyst opinions on Moderna's stock are divided.  Some analysts, like Jefferies' Michael Yee, view the recent cancer vaccine data as positive and believe it has the potential for broader applications. Others, like Sam Fazeli of Bloomberg Intelligence, caution about the limited trial size and potential overoptimism. Regardless, Moderna's robust pipeline of 45 products under development, including a combined COVID-flu vaccine and a norovirus vaccine, suggests a promising future. The upcoming FDA decision on the RSV vaccine (expected by May 12th, 2024) and continued progress in this diversified pipeline are likely to keep investors engaged.

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