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Google brings generative AI to Gmail and Docs, more features to come

Google brings generative AI to Gmail and Docs, more features to come
Published - March 15, 2023 @ 12:02 PM (EET)

On Tuesday, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) introduced features that will let users create text in Gmail and Docs using the company's AI technology as the company battles for dominance in the burgeoning field with rivals like Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) and OpenAI.

The generative AI embedded in its Docs and Gmail services will help people rewrite drafts and fine-tune their written voices after spitting out a three-paragraph thank-you note that users can edit, elaborate upon or turn into a bulleted list.

Vice President of Product at Google Workspace, Joanna Voolich Wright, said the company would eventually add various features to all aspects of the Workspace suite of products, including the company's video-conferencing and messaging services, spreadsheets, and slideshows.


While Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai declared Google an AI-first company years ago, the tech giant has been scrambling to reassert its leadership after San Francisco startup OpenAI introduced the ChatGPT chatbot in November and watched it go viral.

Since then, generative Ai has been the hottest topic in tech.

With over 3 billion users of Workspace, including consumers and companies paying for subscriptions, Alphabet is giving approved test users access to new Workspace features on a rolling basis throughout the year before a broader launch.

Meanwhile, Google also unveiled plans to integrate artificial intelligence into health-related initiatives that include the use of updated language-generating technology in medical exams and AI-assisted research.

Rather than starting new commercial services, Google has shifted its strategy for its health efforts and other functionality in its core products like search and YouTube - now standing in contrast to industry peers like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), with a more integrated approach.


In a blog post on Tuesday, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said the AI technology used in Workspace would help people express themselves, change how people interact with businesses and governments, and enable developers to build new kinds of software.

"We're so excited by the potential of generative AI and the opportunities it will unlock," he said. "This next phase is where we're bringing human beings to be supported with an AI collaborator, who is working in real-time."

However, Kurian declined to comment on how much it would cost for an upgraded Workspace for businesses or consumers.

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