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We offer a wide variety of customizable reports and statements to fit your needs. From activity, trade, risk reports to advanced performance analysis, Interactive Brokers lets you easily check your overall performance and see your activity information in detail.

Trade Reports

Track your trading activity with our trade confirmation reports to easily see a comprehensive list of all your intraday trade confirmations, or create customized templates with the exact fields for your report.

MEXEM Compliance Support
MEXEM Compliance Support

Risk Reports

Monitor your risk and view how your account would perform in various scenarios using our margin, value at risk and stress test reports.

Reports for Financial Advisors

Get the information you need to successfully manage your clients' investments and run your business.

Reports for Introducing Brokers

Get the information you need and focus on what you do best - managing your clients. Our customizable broker reports provide you with the both detailed and summary information to see how your business is performing

Compliance Reports

Have confidence and trust in your partnership with Interactive Brokers. Our compliance team will provide reports to help you ensure your business and operations remain in compliance with applicable regulations. Contact your sales representative for more information and to configure delivery of the reports we provide.

OMS Reports

Our IBKR OMS delivers incredible value for institutions looking for a best-in-class order management system. OMS customers have access to a variety of reports and files that can be delivered daily to ensure your back office and operations teams have the information they need. Contact your sales representative for more information and to configure delivery of the reports.


Comprehensive, professional performance analysis with an easy-to-use, modern interface for all your financial accounts!

By linking accounts at other institutions, you can easily see the performance across all your accounts. Drill down to view positions and transactions by account or asset class, and use interactive charts to show the current and prior values of all linked financial accounts.

MEXEM Compliance Support

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