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The Stock Exchange for Beginners

What exactly does it mean to trade on a stock exchange with a leading broker?

Contrary to popular belief, trading is not only for the wealthy. More and more people are reaping the benefits of investing on the stock exchange. The intention is to create access to trading securities and other financial products, regardless of economic status.

​Banks and brokers are the typical way to invest in stocks. The main differences between trading via banks and brokers are commissions and technology. Trading through banks are often more costly, as there are higher commissions involved.

​Originally, the purpose of the stock exchange was invented to allow companies to raise enough capital from a group of investors and to provide a market for those investors to sell their shares in those companies. The capital that was taken from these investors, was used for innovation and development. In doing so, the company’s Net worth increased, and ultimately resulted in increased profits to the investors. Today, it is much easier for companies to put themselves on the stock market as opposed to resorting to banks for their loans. This process is called Initial Public Offering or, going public.

​Companies that have gone public, trade their stocks via electronic trading platforms. It has also become increasingly popular for independent traders to use banks in order to manage their own portfolios.  However, the costs incurred are considerably higher than through the use of investment brokers. MEXEM uses cutting-edge technology offering private investors the same benefits as professional (institutional) traders whilst most banks still make use of old-fashioned platforms.


Traders tend to favor stocks over other securities. When investing in stocks, you are essentially obtaining rights and partial control over the company you are trading with. MEXEM offers the opportunity to invest in stocks through the Algo system, as well as the TWS platform.


Trading Options is also a common security.  However, due to fluctuations in prices, it poses a higher level of risk. This means that the price of the stock will dramatically impact the price of the option. MEXEM’s advanced systems to trade Options, were built with professionals in mind and offer a plethora of tools for advanced Option traders.


Futures are financial instruments that are traded in the stock exchange. With futures, the seller is legally obligated to supply a certain asset at a future date when the price is set in advance. The payment is then made at the time the asset or commodity is submitted.

MEXEM offers access to real-time trading in futures in 125 markets, and 33 countries. The main stock exchanges are Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse, London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Euronext Amsterdam, and the Brussel’s Stock Exchange. With futures, you can trade products from different industries such as coins, energy, indexes and metals using the same account you would use to trade other securities.


An ETF is a financial instrument that allows traders to diversify their risk, by trading in a variety of products using only one security, as opposed to trading separately in each product. With MEXEM, you can purchase ETFs on margin or sell the ETFs short. (Borrow commodities and sell stock, with the expectation of buying it back at a lower cost, return it to lender and attain profit.)


We proudly offer electronic access to corporate and government bonds in the USA, Europe, and Asia. We also offer cutting-edge tools for active traders in the global bonds market.


With warrants, the holder is entitled to buy the underlying stock of the issuing company at a fixed price until the offer expires. This grants the holder special privileges to buy securities. Public companies usually offer this “as a gift” and as a mechanism to entice investors to buy stock.

Mutual Funds

MEXEM’s Mutual Fund Marketplaces around the world offers our clients a large availability of funds at a low cost. MEXEM also provides access to 31, 531 no-load funds from over 285 fund families worldwide.


By trading with MEXEM Gold and MEXEM Silver, you will gain access to London’s bullion market, the global over-the-counter (OCT) market for Gold and Silver.