Comprehensive OMS/EMS Solution

Our OMS software integrates with our award-winning EMS, the Trader Workstation (TWS).

This one-stop solution is perfect for institutions looking to reduce costs and improve productivity with a fully integrated OMS/EMS setup.

Order management, trading, research and risk management, operations, reporting, compliance tools, clearing and execution – all are available as part of our complete platform.

  • Route to multiple brokers, and allocate to multiple custodians before or after the trade

  • Same-day and next-day settlement for US stock is available for execution venues that support it

  • Support for pair tradesTrade on over 100 market centers in 26 countries with direct market access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, and ETFs all from a single account

  • Use our more than 60 order types, in-house algos and opening/closing auctions, with real-time market data and depth

  • Advanced trading tools for managing and working orders that can help traders to achieve the best price and minimize market detection

Customizable tools for limitless possibilities

Create and arrange a custom workspace to accommodate your needs and workflow. Every window provides flexible filters, and lets you add, remove and rearrange data and tiles.

  • Create multiple tabs on your blotter for different order and workgroup views

  • Configure buttons and hot keys for specific order routing and order management actions and access to account information plus data, tools, and ticket transfers

  • Configure fat finger precautionary settings and alerts at the user level to be in line with individual preferences

Real-Time Monitoring

Our real-time monitoring system lets you see the current state of your account at any time to give you the edge you need in changing market conditions.

  • Account Window

    View account balances, margins, funds available for trading, market value, and portfolio data for all of your products in the customizable, easy-to-read Account window.

  • Margin Requirements

    Stay on top of your margin requirements with quick-glance summaries of potential deficiencies that help you avoid liquidation. Try “what if” Portfolio Margining to see your margin requirements using the Portfolio Margining system.

  • Trades

    See daily executions and net trading activity by 'symbol' in our expandable trade reports.

  • Watchlists

    Create Watchlists to monitor real-time market quotes based on your market data subscriptions. Create, resize, and move multiple named Watchlist windows to fit your own trading style.

  • Alerts

    Create real-time alerts based on price, time, margin, and volume that notify you of important changes in the market.

  • Profit and Loss

    View P&L on your trading screen and in the Account window.

MEXEM Order Types and Algos

Trader Workstation offers access to over 100 order types and algos.

Order types and algos may help limit risk, speed execution, provide price improvement, allow privacy, time the market, and simplify the trading process through advanced trading functions.


Our sophisticated risk-assessment technology helps you manage your risk in a dynamic market.

  • Risk NavigatorSM

    Our sophisticated risk-assessment technology helps you manage your risk in a dynamic market.

  • Model Navigator

    You have the ability to modify pricing assumptions and include them in the model price calculation using this sophisticated option model pricing tool.

  • Option Analytics

    Use the Option Analytics window to see values that reflect the rate of change of an option’s price with respect to a unit change in each of a number of risk dimensions.


Paper Trading

Practice your trading skills in a simulated trading environment with a Paper Trading account. Watch your strategies play out as you develop, practice, and perfect the skills you’ll need to trade without risking any of your own money.

  • Test new strategies, products, exchanges, order types with prices and account values determined by actual market conditions – all without risk.

  • Access essential trading tools – real-time charts, executions, market depth, option pricing, price risk analytics, and more.

  • Learn market dynamics for new exchanges and products.

  • Access a Paper Account statement every day you trade.

  • Test your MEXEM API (Application Program Interface)
    trading solutions.

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