IBot, the effective way to trade

IBot introduces a new way to interact with your Mexem account where no learning curve is needed. In addition, IBot offers assistance and information which is designed to improve your trading experience.

Meet IBot, The Natural Way to Trade.

Find the information you require. Place orders in your own words. IBot understands and supplies instant results without the requirement of special syntax or financial jargon.

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Simple. Fast. Powerful.

IBot provides access to a spectrum of information, trading tools, features, and account data. Whether you want to sell an option, view a chart, find stocks that are on the move, check your account balance, or get help from Client Services, IBot is here to help.

Trade stocks, options, futures, forex, and bonds

Get detailed quotes, run advanced scanners, see charts and fundamentals

No Learning Curve

IBot’s natural language processing makes it easy for new and existing users alike to access all the power of an IB trading account – all you’re required to do is ask.

IBot’s foretelling algorithm provides smart “next steps” suggestions

A Simple Solution for Sophisticated Traders

Designed to be useful for even our most advanced clients, IBot can make a several-step process into one simple command. Find what you are looking for faster and with fewer clicks.

The Natural Way to Trade

In Your Own Words

Crafted to make trading faster and easier by eliminating the friction that comes with a standard interface. Being able to enter your command without worrying about precise wording makes IBot the most natural way to trade.


IBot is an all-in-one package, which means you don’t have to navigate elsewhere to get the information you need or place the order you want. Just enter your command and you’re done.