MEXEM Registered Investment Advisors

Hedge Fund Marketplace

Our online capital introduction program lets you market your funds to MEXEM clients.

Part of our Investors' Marketplace, the Hedge Fund Marketplace is provided free of charge to all Hedge Funds who use MEXEM as their principal Prime Broker, have at least $3 million in assets under management and an audited track record of at least one year or have done its trading at MEXEM for the last year.

MEXEMS' Hedge Fund Marketplace is an online version of a traditional Capital Introduction program and is designed to allow Hedge Funds who use MEXEM as their principal Prime Broker to market their Funds to MEXEM clients who are Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers, as well as to other Hedge Funds who already market their funds to MEXEM clients at the Hedge Fund Marketplace.

The program offers these benefits to participating Hedge Funds:

  • MEXEM has a sophisticated, high-net worth client base who may be eligible and interested in placing a portion of their portfolio with your fund.
  • Access to MEXEM's Hedge Fund Marketplace (for participating Hedge Funds and participating investors) is through a separate and secure, password-protected area of the MEXEM website. The Hedge Fund Marketplace is designed to comply with SEC rules limiting solicitation for private placements.
  • Participating Funds can post basic information about the Fund, the Fund manager and the Fund strategy. Potential investors can view and download related documentation, including private placement memoranda and subscription information.
  • Eligible Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers may contact the Fund management company directly through the Hedge Fund Marketplace, or request that the Fund contact them.
  • Once an investor has completed the Fund's documentation, MEXEM will process transfers of funds from the investor's IBKR account directly to the Fund's account, and MEXEM will also process withdrawals/redemptions with the approval of the Fund and its Third-Party Administrator.
  • There is no need to open a new MEXEM account to participate in the program. Simply access the Hedge Fund Marketplace to provide additional information required to join the program.
  • Hedge Funds and their Third Party Administrators use secure passwords to complete many automated administrative functions, including the ability to upload new Fund documentation, track downloads, require minimum investment sizes, identify a Fund as open or closed to new investments, and approve new investments or withdrawals/redemptions.
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