No margin trading is permitted in TFSA/RSP accounts. All purchases must be paid in full in the product’s respective currency. Additionally, no account debit balances are allowed. If required, a currency trade could be executed between USD and CAD.

Accounts are restricted to cash balances in CAD and USD.

The TFSA/RSP account is allowed to trade the following qualified investments:

  • Stocks listed on designated US and Canadian exchanges (excluding Venture-NEX segment and CSE single listed stocks)
  • Long equity call options
  • Long equity put options
  • Short equity call options with a fully covered position (covered call)
  • Long equity put options with a fully covered position (protective put)
  • Long put/call options on indices
  • Warrants/Rights if the underlying asset acquired under the right to purchase is a qualified investment
  • U.S. Bonds
  • FX conversions limited to USD.CAD

You can find information on RSP and TFSA accounts on our website.