Clients who are currently approved for U.S. equity options trading and manage an account minimum of USD 110,000 are eligible to apply for an account upgrade to Portfolio Margin:

  • Log in to Client Portal/Account Management
  • Click Settings followed by Account Settings
  • In the Configuration section click the Configure (gear) icon for Account Type to request an upgrade to “Portfolio Margin”.

Note: The request will be reviewed by the MEXEM Risk and Compliance Departments. Approval usually takes 24 to 48 hours. Portfolio Margin is estimated for cash and equity products only. Futures margin is always estimated and applied separately using the SPAN margin algorithm. Find additional information on Portfolio Margin on our website.

See also: How can I determine the impact of converting my margin type from Reg. T to Portfolio Margin?

Additional information on changing your account type can be found in our Users’ Guide.