MEXEM Margins

Securities Financing

From trade date to settlement date, our securities financing services are backed by our dedication to providing automated trading solutions to our clients.



Our depth of availability not only helps to locate hard-to-borrow
securities but also gives you protection against buy-ins and

View available securities for shorting in real time by:

  • Adding the Shortable Shares, Fee Rate and Rebate Rate column in Trader Workstation (TWS) to view the number of available shares for shorting, the current interest rate charged on borrowed shares and the rebate2 for each
  • Using our fully electronic, self-service Shortable Instruments (SLB) Search tool in Client Portal to search for real-time availability of shortable securities and setup notifications for when a borrow becomes available.

Transparent Rates

Our securities financing services bring transparency, reliability and efficiency to the stock loan and borrow markets using automated price discovery and improved credit-worthiness. We use a combination of sources to develop indicative rates, which are displayed along with security availability in our automated securities financing tools.

We also display charted daily rate history and intraday time and sales of stock loan fees in the SLB Rates window, which is accessible in Trader Workstation's Mosaic workspace.

Global Reach

Connectivity to multiple counterparties around the globe enables our clients to execute short sale strategies. For example, in the United States alone we have access to more than 60 counterparties, including agent lenders and broker dealers.

We maintain dedicated, professionally-staffed SLB desks in the United States, Europe and Asia who are ready to help you with all of your securities financing needs, including stock loan and borrow questions.

Additional Tools

IBKR has always provided sophisticated, automated technology to our clients, and our securities lending services are no exception. We offer a variety of stock loan and borrow tools:

Stock Yield Enhancement Program
Earn income on the fully-paid shares of stock held in your account.

Short Securities Availability
Search for real-time availability of shortable stocks and bonds with our online, self-service tool.

Short Sale Cost
Calculate the cost of borrowing stock.

Pre-Borrow Program

Clients with Portfolio Margin accounts can join our Pre-Borrow Program, which allows pre-borrowing of shares to decrease the chances of being bought-in on settlement date. Once you have joined the Pre-Borrow Program, you can pre-borrow stocks in anticipation of a short sale using the Stock Borrow/Loan feature in Trader Workstation (TWS).

Pre-borrowing can help to avoid a buy-in by ensuring that shares are available to short before you put on the short sale. Without a pre-borrow, you will not know for certain if shares have been procured until the short sale settles.

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