Think about your financial future

We offer you the opportunity to increase your wealth by having an additional source of income. Compared to the low interest rates on your savings account, portfolio management will provide you with a greater pension outlook.

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Portfolio management done the right way

We analyze your investor profile and risk tolerance. 

In addition, we provide you with a personal Portfolio Manager that keeps you up to date with your portfolio’s performance and is offered with the low fees which MEXEM is well known for.

Algorithmic trading

Several of our strategies are based on data-driven algorithmic trading and traditional methods of market analysis are being combined with quantitative models, deep learning algorithms and an expert system, in order to outperform their benchmarks. We will always take your predetermined investor profile into account.

Unlike many algorithmic trading strategies, MEXEM prefer to have fewer, thoroughly analyzed qualitative trades. This means that we are not a High Frequency Trader (HFT).

Trustworthy & Transparent

Given that transparency is our top priority, we ensure that you always have access to your portfolio that will allow you to monitor the status of your portfolio as well as the specific products that your portfolio is invested in.

By offering you a broad spectrum of strategies and possibilities, we remain extremely flexible towards any client’s specific needs without losing the ability to quickly adapt to market conditions.  You can also combine several of our strategies into your own tailored portfolio.


Outstanding returns

At MEXEM, we continuously strive to beat average market returns and to help you shape a better future.

A great advantage of our algorithm-powered strategies is that information is processed faster and more accurately, which allows us to maximize the benefits of opportunities.

Our algorithms avoid emotional influence and human (assessment) errors when making decisions to enter or exit a trade. This gives us the opportunity to remain successful in both a bullish and bearish market.

Let MEXEM take care of your financial strength and have more time on hands to enjoy the small things in life



Low fees MEXEM-ize your returns

High fees suppress your potential profit.  This is why MEXEM ensures a fair and attractive remuneration scheme, based on which portfolio type you have with us.

We charge a low, yet fixed management fee for traditional portfolio management.  A reduced fixed management fee and a performance fee will be charged for tailored portfolio management.  By doing so, we showcase our confidence in our strategies and base our remuneration on the profit that your portfolio makes.

By linking our profit to your portfolio’s results, it is mutually beneficial for MEXEM to seek the best possible results.  In order to achieve this type of remuneration, we make use of a performance fee with High-Water Mark (HWM).  This means that the HWM ensures that you only pay a once-off percentage of your actual profits. The usual rates for the execution of trades still applies.  There is no entry or exit fees.

Personal approach

 Building positive relationships with every client is what MEXEM strives for.  For this reason, each investor will gain access to a personal manager, regardless of the size of the investment. This allows for a reliable point of contact should any questions or remarks arise.

Active follow-up

There’s no need to keep reminding yourself to keep track of your portfolio.  We pride ourselves with regular support and follow-ups to discuss the current status of your portfolio and to stay up to date with any changes that needs to be taken into consideration.

Of course, all of this comes at the low MEXEM fees that we are notorious for!

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Let MEXEM build a portfolio for you

Allow us to present one or several of our portfolios which we believe will be best suited in relation to your investor profile, investing time horizon, your financial status as well as risk tolerance.  Should you for any reason, feel uncomfortable with the options presented to you, we will go back to the drawing board and seek a tailored strategy that suits your specific needs.

MEXEM has you covered

We firmly believe in our strategies.
For this reason, we aim for low management fees, combined with remuneration based on your portfolio, reaching new profit highs.