Use the button above to log into Client Portal and verify the tax status of your account or request a change:

  • Log into Client Portal/Account Management
  • Choose Settings followed by Account Settings
  • Under Profile(s), **click on the Edit (pencil) icon** to the right of the account holder’s name
  • Your current status may be verified on page 2 under the section titled Tax Residency.

If the country of tax residency is the United States, the tax form will be a W-9. The tax form for all other countries will be a W-8.

  • To make a change, enter any update to your Residential Address on page 1
  • Under the Tax Residency section on page 2 you will be provided the option to remove/change your existing tax residency or add another tax residency.

Changes are subject to review and may require the submission of documentation to verify your new or additional tax residency.

You can find a detailed description on how to view and edit your user profile in the Client Portal Users’ Guide.