The Investor Category is a dynamic section of Client Portal driven by the financial information provided on the account. It allows you to answer a series of questions to decide if you qualify to trade a wider range of trading products than what is available to a average investor. You will be able to access it also as a Pending Item on the home page until you finalyze the page.

The Investor Category page presents up to five different investment categories on a series of screens: Eligible Contract Participant (ECP), Accredited Investor (AI), Qualified Purchaser (QP), Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) and AURS (only for Australian clients).

Each screen contains questions that helps us decide whether you qualify to trade additional products. If you answer Yes to some questions, more questions may appear. To review your investor category:

  • Log in to Client Portal/Account Management
  • Select Settings followed by Account Settings
  • Click the Configure (gear) icon for Investor Category.

Additional information on Investor Category can be found in our Users’ Guide.