Instant Account Verification (IAV) grants MEXEM Clients the opportunity to have bank and account information verified immediately during the ACH account set-up process. IAV is presented to clients as an option in addition to the traditional process of verifying bank and account information which sends small dollar value transactions back and forth over the course of a few days.

Log in to Client Portal/Account Management and select  Transfer & Pay followed by Transfer Funds and proceed as follows:

  • Choose Withdraw Funds
  • Choose Currency United States Dollar (USD) and click on the  Connect Your Bank button next to Connect Your Bank Account
  • Click on USE INSTANT ACH VERIFICATION on the left side and fill out the information on the page
  • Click VERIFY BANK ACCOUNT and follow the notifications on the screen.

Additional details on how to connect your account with Instant ACH Verification can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Please Note: The process to connect your bank account can only be initiated from your MEXEM account and not at your bank.

Additional information on ACH transactions can be found on our Users’ Guide.