To see real time quotes in a chart, you need to subscribe to a real time data package from Client Portal/Account Management.

In case you are loading a chart from a Stock (SMART) ticker, you are required to subscribe to market data for all the markets the product is listed on.

If you do not have market data subscriptions for all the markets the product is listed on, create a quote line selecting Stock (Directed) instead of Stock (SMART) and pick one of the markets for which you are subscribed to:

  • Type the product ticker in an empty row of your quote monitor or watch list
  • Choose the Stock (Directed) product row
  • If you do not see Stock (Directed), click on the arrowhead at the bottom of the menu to expand all menu items
  • Select a market for which you have market data subscriptions
  • Open the chart from such quote line: right-click on it, select Charts and then New Charts.

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