Our clients from over 200 countries invest globally in stocks, options, futures, Forex, bonds, and funds from a single integrated account.

Our trading platforms offer a wide range of product centered tools like the OptionTrader and Probability Lab for simplified single and complex multi-leg option trading; FXTrader for forex trading; Mutual Fund/ETF Replicator to help you easily find lower cost ETF alternatives to popular mutual funds; our fixed income screeners for corporate, municipal and agency bonds and CDs – and more.

We give clients the tools they need to trade whatever financial products they choose to help them meet their trading and investing goals.


The MEXEM domain or API and FIX allow the investors, the financial establishments and the traders to create automatic systems that take advantage of the special performance abilities of MEXEM and the global availability.

MEXEM and API Interactive Brokers You can design your trading application in Excel, C++, Posic C++, Visual Basic, Java etc. with the APIworkspace of MEXEM, the API connection is done with the trading program TWS or through the gateway. It does not require further advanced things such as the FIX server.

We recommend that the components of the API are checked by the developers for their security account or their TWS Demo account before they upload the systems in live money.

You can choose which technology best suits you.

Lowest Fees

Lowered costs that grant an opportunity for an increase in profit.

We offer transparent financing rates with low commission, combined with leading price executions with a result of minimizing your costs for an expected higher income return.