A year after enraged software developers with new privacy features aimed at making it more difficult to track iPhone users’ digital footprints, Apple Inc on Monday doubled down with even more changes that will roll the digital advertising industry. 

Among the many updates to popular apps, such as Maps, Wallet, and Weather, the Cupertino, Calif., technology company stated that it would introduce later this year additional features to support users in control of how their online data is used by third parties. 

Those changes include allowing users to shut off the ability of marketers to see if and when an email is opened through Apple’s Mail app-which could have a large effect on campaigns from businesses and publishers-and to hide IP address information to avoid tracking web usage on Safari browser.

Apple also stated premium iCloud users will be able to access the internet with a feature called Private Relay that would block network providers from using IP addresses and web users to create a user profile for tracking.